i see a lot of guys wearing the tie bar too low.     edit: i forgot to put that this guy has his around the correct height

Great khaki suit with blue striped shirt, narrow dark blue checked tie; with some influence (pocket square fold and the tie bar).

Denim shirt. Gray pants. Casual style

Alcide from true blood joe manganiello, good god!- for all those who like tall, cut, huge guys!

See, suits and beards compliment one another perfectly. The beard is rugged and masculine, and the suit smooths out everything else, leaving a gentleman with an edge.

Ryan Gosling - seriously, is there a cooler actor than this man. He reminds me of actors from late 1950s-1970s. He is one cool and talented cat.

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I promise I'm not just pinning this because it's Tom Hiddleston. OK, maybe a little bit. Forgive me. | Calvin Klein

Spring Style Preview, Featuring Tom Hiddleston

The Best Spring Fashion for the Everyday Man - War Horse star Tom Hiddleston tries on the best of the season and shows you how it's done

A Gentleman Of Class

Actually pulls off the denim shirt + textured tie + checkered suit + braided belt + wool coat thing.