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Pentagram & Besom Heart.

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nice pentacle - used as a 'paten' on the altar - paten is an altar tile (sometimes made of wood, sometimes of tile or other hard substance) - usually takes center space on the altar, some will place their hot items, such as a hot cauldron, upon the paten during ritual/spellwork.

Pentacle Your altar pentacle can be anything from a simple pendant, to a large table-top platen. The pentacle represents Earth, and you use it to cleanse or consecrate other items on your altar. Typical pentacles are metal, ceramic or carved from wood.

pagan virtues

Pagan Virtues

Pentagram symbol - representing the five elements of creation and it's attributes. Note : If you superimpose the vitruvian man figure over it, you see how it also represents the sacred geometry of body of man.