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Super Equestrian Problems. I didn't train my OTTB, but he did have his flashback days.

Haha my trainer is in the process of selling one of my favorite horses at the ranch. The spookiest Off Track Thoroughbred, my Beloved Bruno

On love, both of them. Cause I dont have that much money to fancy stuff ... ❤️

Verrrryyyy much soooo

Horse girl problems

Olympic Equestrian – In The Same Class?

This happens ALL the time, also when im running my knees go up like a saddlebred, and my hands go up like im riding.

our school desks have these bars under them so I put my feet up on them with heels perfectly down during lectures.

Let's just take a moment to realize I need one of these. #ithinkwealldo #barrelracerprobs

My guy doesn't have the horse bug, but he'll at least lead her even if he really doesn't know what he's doing.

Hahaha loved it but I never say 'stronger bit' :). I prefer the term more severe or different for bits.