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Dear Jesus, I'm trying. But I'm frightened of not seeing anything. It's so lonely never seeing anyone. I am forgetting what others look like. Even me. I bet my eyes are a mess. The way my eyes hurt, I can't imagine them looking normal any more. Protect my family and friends from this. Amen.

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Judge not lest ye be judged...instead of acting like you are better than worldly people [everyone sins...even you] try to show them the beauty of Christ. Never push a new saint away with anger and arrogance because he or she left church, instead, remember that every backslider has a future, too! Be the light and show Christ's love!

I didn't understand this quote much at first, but now, as things happen in my life, it makes more and more sense. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Living with cancer is NOT the same thing as dying with cancer and that s something to always be thankful for.

A comprehensive guide on the various types of cancer support services available to cancer patients and caregivers.

Yes, it is! Don't make toxic people in your life. You deserve to happy and toxic people will not allow that yo happen to you.