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Stop. making. animated. characters. so. attractive. Please! It just creates more emotional trauma....but at the same time, please don't stop because fictional guys are the only boyfriends I will have until I'm like 25

They'll be my death

Why can't Disney boys be real boys?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< < 2 of them aren't disny.

1) Why is so much purple in the first picture I mean how can you not love Scarlett Johanson


im a girl and i thought the avengers was amazing. ---> I'm a girl and I think Scarlet Johansson is AWESOME!

I wish my friend would have seen this two months ago. I wish we knew that she even needed it.

Stay strong lovelies Don't do it. You are too important to other people. If you want to know exactly how important, just ask.

They say, in a war, there is no time for grief, no time for mourning, no time for regrets. They say, dead men stay dead, peace can be won, killing is surviving. They say, on a battlefield...the heart stops feeling. {Remember, my dear Obi-Wan...I've loved you always, I always will.} The mind stops remembering. They are wrong.

Zimeta and I decided to give the Clone Wars TV show a go. It is better than all 3 prequel movies combined. I never expected to like a potential romance for Obi Wan, but holy crap .<<< welcome to the clone wars fandom

You can change the world in ways you can't imagine just by existing in it. You can change people's lives without even realizing it. There is no one who is just like you. You would be missed if you left.

Check this out

it is so sad but I know a lot of people who might be needing this. One of them is me and like it will do to those people, it helped me❤️so please repost, it could save a life or make a life livable again

Captain Jack Harkness. well hello ;)  Got to love him.

Captain Jack XD I love it, when Jack wants to introduce him to someone and the Doctor is always saying "Stop it". I love it XD

These are too cute! : )

42 Puppies You'll Want To Take Home With You

holy hot dang I wanna marry him now<<< now!?!? I've wanted to since I came into this fandom!

i can't take this picture it's like half fetus and hazza's in a suit. He's adorable.

Ahah I’m not crying because Crowley’s dead so this will never happen. Not. Crying at all

Ahah I’m not crying because Crowley’s dead so this will never happen. Not. Crying at all

A lesson in perspective... Space has to be the biggest mystery ever, and that is why I will never stop being so fascinated with it.

A lesson in perspective…

Our God is an awesome God . He reigns from heaven above . with wisdom power and love . our God is an awesome God!

The first picture of Teresa here is actually one of the more popular pictures of her, but it really disturbs me. I appears as if she has some kind of a unibrow, and her mouth is just...Uh...I don't know. Weird?

Teresa: Not all queens have crowns Thomas: Not all heroes wear capes Newt: Not all angels have wings Minho: Not all warriors wear armors

Reviving faith in humanity.

Reviving faith in humanity.

Funny pictures about Moments that restored my faith in humanity. Oh, and cool pics about Moments that restored my faith in humanity. Also, Moments that restored my faith in humanity.

The significance of Hobbits... you may go weep now. <- It hurts but's so perfect I can't help but love it.

inkweaverabc: “ Boromir dies to save Merry and Pippin. The hobbits are later freed from the orcs because Eomer attacked Pippin goes on to save Faramir’s life And Merry.

-M. Sosa:.SweetzThoughts ..3:20 am #ponderings

once I know/realize a guy doesn't even care, it becomes easier for me to move forward, I grew up w/ parents who didn't care. & I gave them (because they were my parents) too many chances to just show me they cared & loved me.