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Brandon & Callie .. 2x10

Brandon & Callie .. 2x10

Tea:  Butterflies on teacups.  “The very act of preparing and serving tea encourages conversation. The little spaces in time created by teatime rituals call out to be filled with conversation. Even the tea itself---warm and comforting---inspires a feeling of relaxation and trust that fosters shared confidences.”  ---Emilie Barnes, "If Teacups Could Talk."

The butterfly cookies are a sweet idea for a high tea or little girl's "tea party".

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This Old Barn Was About To Be Demolished, But They Transformed It Into Something Awesome

The Sparkle Palace cocktail table by American artist John Foster provides a beautiful marriage between glass and light, inviting light to play an integral role in the space’s interior design.

As the gathering crowd grows I hear someone try to get my attention from behind the police line.“Mr. Beckham?” He asks just loud enough for me to hear. The boy is no younger than fifteen, and has familiar eyes. Terrified eyes. Just like the man from earlier.Not again. I sprint over, trying to be causal so he doesn’t try anything stupid. He holds up the button but his hand shakes. Unlike the old man he doesn’t break down and cry, he just stares until I meet him.

♠ darcy is supposed to be a detective., but he may just be an actual police detective, and idky, but he's just supposed to be.

Just plain brilliant - whoever thought that Death had feelings. A must read, and a classic of our generation!

Confessions of a blockbuster book snob

The Book Thief, Markus Zusak: The book is narrated by death, so right away you know it’s going to make you think about the time we have on Earth. And as you’ll be reminded by reading this, time is precious. << I had read this and it's my favorite book

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5 Decadent Breakfast Recipes For Christmas Morning

5 Decadent Breakfast Recipes For Christmas Morning (The Edit)

Bananas Foster Waffles: with vanilla ice cream, pecans, and caramelized rum bananas over a pillowy banana rum waffle.

You gotta pay attention to signs....when life reaches out with a moment like this.. It's a sin if you don't reach back ... <3 B r a l l i e

You gotta pay attention to signs.when life reaches out with a moment like this. It's a sin if you don't reach back .