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Funny Bone Shaped Sign Our Windows Aren't Dirty. That's our dogs nose art!

dog art

Ain& this the truth? I love it Dawn. Feet art could be added to it though. : Nose Art, Dogs, So True, Front Window, Dog Nose


Truth: dont tell me I won't love my dogs as much after my children are born. I have plenty of love to go around. My dogs are my children too

Pet ID Tag   oh shit I'm lost Your phone by completelywiredjewel, $19.00

Pet ID Tag - "Oh S**T I'm LOST" - bone shape - with your pet's name and your phone number on the back

Pet ID Tag - "Oh SHIT, I'M LOST" - bone shape - with your pet's name and your phone number on the back. This is awesome!

My Dunkin did, after losing my Spencer, a boston terrier of almost 15 yrs. I got Dunkin a week later and he brought me out of the sadness from losing Spencer whom I still miss dearly, but love my Dunkin

Hand Stamped Dog Tag I Rescued My Human Bright by foxwise.I want a doggie so bad!

Love is a 4 legged word

Love is a four legged word.use various quotes like this to introduce myself as new teacher.ask student to describe me as a person based on these quotes. Ask students by class to provide and contribute one quote about the self to describe the class.

Love this Dog tag...lol

15 of the Coolest Handmade Dog Tags You'll Find on the Whole Internet

custom dog tag - unique pet ID tag - handstamped nu gold dog tag - have your people call my people made by CRITTERBLING

yep!  But thats o k they are worth it.

Quote "Home is where dog hair sticks to everything but the dog" :-) so true in my house!

Yellow Dog Project - repin this to your most popular board to spread the word and keep people and dogs safe in what should easily be a controllable situation

The Yellow Dog Project

Yellow dog project, Spreading awareness…what does the yellow ribbon on the dog leash at the park mean? So now I know that I should put a yellow ribbon on maxs leash. But the thing is how many people actually know what it means?


Wet Kisses Cold Noses Wagging Tails Wood Sign Blocks Primitive Country Rustic Home Decor

Rock My World - Hand Cast Silver Jewelry - i'd have a 3 charmed necklace with my 3's big noses!

Imprint your dog's nose or paw print into a necklace. I already have a dog paw print tattoo.nose seems a little strange but would definitely do the paw print!

This is so true.  My mom always makes me clean Dixie's nose prints off the windows after we go to her training sessions at 4-H.

My windows aren't dirty. that's my dog's nose art. I have nose art all over my car windows and I wouldn't have it any other way :)