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that would be the sweetest thing ever

that would be the sweetest thing ever. I just hate it when they try to force you to repost. I'm not forcing other people to repost, but I am very fond of the idea.

I hate that they put that he will do you a favor. He already did. He died for you! And He's working for your good

I'm sharing because I love God with all m heart. However, God sends his blessings and favors in his own due time. A post does not dictate his wills, But I love God and am proud of it.

I don't even HAVE 14 friends so I'll just Repin it so everyone can see

Not pinning for the chain mail, but for the overall message of the pin. I think God could careless how many people you send it to , just that you trust in him . Not sure if it counts to just pin it on your biggest board.

V Bozeman - "What Is Love" - YouTube

This chick is bad---->V Bozeman - "What Is Love".V Bozeman releases her own video capturing the pure essence of "What Is Love". The track has been featured on FOX's new drama EMPIRE.

Spiritual Fasting 101. How To Fast, When To Fast, and Why To Fast.

In some cultures, fasting is something that occurs typically more often than one who is not involved in these cultures. Fasting is used as a detox and cleanse.