Prime Minister David Cameron says policies must pass 'family test'. All government policies will have to pass a "family test", David Cameron is expected to say in a speech later. He will use the speech to say parents and children are too often overlooked and can be left worse off by reforms. From October, every new domestic policy "will be examined for its impact on the family", the PM is expected to say. #PrimeMinister #DavidCameron #UK #Britain #England #politics #family #parents #children

Shut-down of pension schemes to become more difficult

Four enterprise projects to create 230 new jobs -

Asian trade mission leads to €40m in deals

Security failings in home routers exposed -In a statement, Linksys said it was aware of the Moon malware and said it took hold on hardware only if a Remote Management Access feature was turned on. Turning the router off and disabling the remote management system should clear out the worm, it added. Linksys has also published technical advice about how to update the core software for vulnerable routers and how to turn off the remote management feature.

€1.8bn hole as half of subprime mortgages in arrears.

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