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"her galaxy"  #poem #love #poetry #ink #typewriter

"her galaxy" #poem #love #poetry #ink #typewriter


The last person who captioned this said, "quotes like these are why I'm an english major!" If they're an English major, then they should know you need to capitalize "English.-) Sincerely, An aspiring English major

"Lost in Words" ~ from the Love in Blue Verses ~ lifeinthenow.com

This is so me, I love to read & get lost in my books. no matter what my future significant other is doing, watching sports, playing video games or whatever men do to relax. I'll sit there quietly reading while he holds my heart.

Tyler Knott Gregson: Typewriter Series  Seriously, why is Tyler so amazing?

It's one of my favorite poems by Gregson. I really recommend his poems. Most of his poems is about love. I am in love with someone and every time I read any of Tyler's poems all I can think of his him. He will be the name I write over and over again.

Top 30 Best Inspirational Quotes

The little girl just could not sleep because her thoughts were way too deep her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down the rabbit hole. alice in wonderland

"There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice."  F Scott Fitzgerald

"there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice. scott fitzgerald, the great gatsby one of my favorite quotes. I've pinned it more than once.


I hid in book stacks and hoped no one would notice I was barely human, .You linked your fingers in mine and told me being broken to You was just fine.


How perfectly draining to at the same time always feel like far too much and yet never quite enough. - Tyler Knott Greyson - (don't really like his stuff but this is spot on)


Franz Kafka, quote on you being "poetry material, full of cloudy subtleties . " from Letters to Milena