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Los neandertales ante los bosques: nuevos datos procedentes de El Sidrón

Copal - Colombia Colombian copal (amber) is a type of resin produced from plant sap from tropical legume and araucarian trees. Like & Repin. Follow Noelito Flow instagram

The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains (part I)

That's unlikely, but they're certainly pretty to look at, and offer lots of air flow to keep your gadgets cool.... Being able to clear space for that one too-tall book is a boon, and flipping up a couple of slats gives you an instant bookend.

didn't know where to put this, so obits will have to work for now: 4000 years ago walked a 6 foot tall woman with a golden prosthetic eye

Winter Wakes Up Your Mind--and Warm Weather Makes it Harder to Think Straight - Scientific American

Grooves in Neanderthal teeth suggests division of labour between sexes. Neanderthal maxilla. Image: CSIC.

Gemstone stone crystal glass jewelry bracelet. For more follow and stay positively #pinspired #pinspire @ninayay

La paleontóloga Mary Anning (1799-1847) nació un 21 de mayo

Fossil Fuel.


Titanoboa (meaning titanic boa) lived 60-58 million years ago during the Paleocene epoch, a 10-million year period following the dinosaur extinction event. In 2009 fossils of 28 titanoboas were found in the coal mines in La Guajira, Columbia. The largest individuals would have been 42 feet long and weighed about 2,500 lbs.