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the most basic form of mind control is repetition

The words of this Native American prayer remind me of a form of Universal Wisdom which says that every time you are aware of something you don’t want you become highly aware of what you do want. I have come to realize that all great wisdom resonates with a form of basic truth. I want to savor this wisdom and make it my own. Continue reading >>> http://leadingedgeparenting.com/universal-wisdom/

Now it is important to analyze and reveal the sustaining, destructive, negative, and degenerative forces anchored in man, so as to show the path of truth, freedom, and wisdom, which is to guide man from the desolation of his consciousness. Only when the ancient, primary significance of life and the basic significance for man's existence in his life form are studied, can this path be charted. In the past ten thousands of years many persons of great personality have lived on Earth

Attention is the most basic form of love. ~ John Tarrant Roshi

"Nature runs on sunlight, uses only the energy it needs, fits form to function, recycles everything, rewards cooperation, banks on diversity, demands local expertise, curbs excesses from within, and taps the power of limits." ~ Janine Benyus

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Vincent Roazzi Quote Success Is Happiness. “Success is happiness. In its most diluted form, success is our desire to realize peace in our lives. It’s the feeling of security, the ability to withstand the future unknown, which allows us to live today with a smile. The pursuit of happiness is the basic drive that motivates us to achieve success.”

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