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This originally said "history joke" so the person who wrote that obviously doesn't get the mean girls joke & can't sit with us.

Out of the mouth of babes! Lol

best excuse to get a detention ever! That'd be my future daughter ahah


I was so confused at first. took me forever to see it right. I laughed so hard at the fact someone had to draw it from a different perspective.

I should post this on my "fuckheads" page

I remember seeing the "blue watermelon" before and i knew it was photoshopped because I had seen the normal picture about two years prior!

Oh Tumblr...lol

Oh Tumblr...lol

The Aristocats

Slightly offended that they called Creme de la Creme al la Edgar water. The Aristocats will forever be my movie.

Yes, I'm pinning this again because it's just as funny every time I read it.

Why Does This Creature Even Exists

Fucking cassowary-- IM ALREADY DEAD LAUGHING AT THIS DESCRIPTION. they need an adult zoo just to have these descriptions hahaha also, this bird is pretty much Kevin from the movie UP. always wondered wtf he was and now i think i figured it out!