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Adrift on Mermaid Island. Digital art using stock from: Model Background Paper boat Mermaids Filters and stock

Hide and Seek in the Mist. Digital Art. Model stock http://lockstock.deviantart Background Dragons Other stuff my stock

You got any Peanuts? Digital art using Raven stock from Model

I started a series of digital art a while back featuring Ballet shoes.I decided to go back and do a few more. My mum sent me to ballet class when I was small.... but unfortunately I didn't make the grade. I think my feet were to big! better suited to playing soccer and field hockey. The title is The Last of the Cabbage Dancers. Leg stock is from Cabbages and other stuff my stock

Dreams of the Never world. I love Fantasy....stories, art,ideas.I have always had a very active imagination which got me into trouble at school as I would be daydreaming instead of listening. In fact one of the comments on my report card was just that....Barbara has a very active imagination! was meant as a negative but thank goodness I did not loose it. Model stock Background All other stuff my stock. back to the forest and all the strange creatures that inhabit the mossy rocks and trees and little bridges over fern covered streams. Here is a small Dragon and another forest fairy surrounded by strange rocks with faces. Model Dragon Background my stock/photograph

Widowmaker. The title references several components of this Digital art piece. The spider,the gun and the woman....if she decides to use it! Model

Little fairy hidden in the trees. Model stock from Background/textures. my stock

Only during the dark of night. by on @deviantART