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Monday ecard

If you think women are the weaker sex, just try to take my side of the blanket in the middle of the night. Happens every nite at our house 😒Rotten Ecard

or southside steves!!!! Take a lesson while your stalking sweetheart you might learn how to be a real mom!!

So true we all know you want the government to pay for your kids recreational activities so you can get drunk & high grow up!


From here on out, I'm substituting the grains portion of "my plate" to SEXY BEAST in the AM;

Parenting: If it doesn’t feel like torture, you’re...

Rottenecards - Parenting: If it doesn't feel like torture, you're not doing it right.

Lol life of a stay at home mom-wouldn't trade it for anything though

I know this is about motherhood but it also describes active duty pretty well haha

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Obviously with my privacy settings set to keep you away, you must know everything I do. Or have nothing better to do than stalk people who have nothing to do with you.

but no my job's not done bc I'm actually the PR Person around here!" (Sarcasm At Its Best!

Priceless mom joke! How I wish I could really tell my kid to say this when he's older!

"Next time the bully asks for your lunch money, tell him you left it on his mother's dresser." I can't stop laughing at this!

He should have been more specific. Show this to your boo lol

Where most people use their camera phone to take pictures of their kids. Goat people use them to take pictures of their goat's vulva.