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Morris Minor Rat Rod

Morris Minor Rat Rod

Morris Minor truck

Morris Minor truck

'67 Morris Minor kicks butt.

They are still used as circuit racers in the pre 58 Saloon car championships and it's ahead of a Camaro, can't be bad

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Much modified Morris

1958 Morris Minor

Those Custom Vans of Yesteryear

Morris Traveller 4x4  www.mad4bikesuk.co.uk #mad4bikesuk

Morris Minor goes

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I just fit in mine, let alone a chop job!

Chris Isaacs Morris Minor  2

In 2012 the Classic Sports Car Club launched it`s Special Saloons and Modsports race series after succesful revival race at MalloryPark the year before.

morris minor rat rod

morris minor rat rod

Morris Minor Flattop

Flattop Morris Minor Hot Rod built by flattop.