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150530 #SEHUN cr: A.O.M.E SEHUN

150530 #SEHUN cr: A.O.M.E SEHUN

KAI and SEHUN ..... Bumping into each other on stage. That's one sexy mistake!!!


[HQ] 150905 DMC Kpop Festival - KAI and SEHUN cr:as tagged -Dan<<< and then all the fangirls lost their shit😂

Oh Sehun...

Oh Sehun...

Mine,the purple one is dancing on the stage #sehun #exo

Sehun - 170318 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Kuala Lumpur Credit: Iridescent Boy.

gawd this is amazingXD lolz but still i cant beleive the staff actually risked to do a bad job at putting this up when they had exo members images at risk

When the stage turned in chaos in a few moments

So I come back from a hiatus due to studying for school exams, and now that I've finished and it's basically the end of the school year, I've missed out on a lot. Deleting all of my social media apps and staying away from the Internet for that purpose was hard yet beneficial! Nonetheless, I am back AND WOW LOOK AT SEHUN LIKE GOLLY I RLY DID MISS OUT *insert heart eyes emoji*

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Sehun EXO // Pics like this one, when they're on stage (and aren't doing some bullshit), are so powerful and beatiful!

What Level are you guys? xD (I'm Suho.. xD)

What Level are you guys? xD

xD (I'm Suho. xD)/////// Kpop ruined me so I'm no longer innocent BUT I can safely say I'm all of them xD lol

Sehun helping injured Jongin | EXOr'DIUM

Sehun helped Kai going on stage. He had his arm on Jongin's shoulders while Kai's hand was on Sehun's waist 160729 EXO'rDIUM

Oh Sehun (EXO)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Oh Sehun (EXO) More // not gonna lie. I'm not even in this band, although obviously I know who EXO is, but Sehun is very attractive 😳

Sehun, “thank you god its a blessing to be stand on this stage right now”

Sehun, “thank you god its a blessing to be stand on this stage right now”