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Black Dot - trollbeadsuniverse.com

Trollbeads: Black Dot - This bead left the collection in A white ribbon coils itself around clear glass with small black dots floating on the surface. A very stylish and elegant Trollbead.

Owl Bead

Trollbeads: Owl Bead - A symbol of wisdom and protection, the owl watches over the forest at night as the trees come alive and the trolls come out to play.

Snow - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Snow Bead - Cool as ice, soft as snow. Like a frosty morning when you wake up to the first snow, or snow falling softly to the ground in the light of a lamppost.

Inner Glow Bead - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Inner Glow - Inner Glow is the bead of your interior light, and when brought into the dark it glows - showing you magic. The magic of this bead was discovered by Roberta and Alessia, we are eternally grateful to them for showing us the way.

Charms Trollbeads Fleur du Désert

Trollbeads: Desert Flower Bead - At night, as the desert cools, the flowers appear translucent white in the shimmering moonlight only to fade away before the first light hits the desert again.

333087-63036-Trollbeads Beach Kit

Trollbeads Beach Kit A distant horizon, a colourful parasol, a deck chair and a good book, perhaps a cold drink and a lapping wave making patterns in the sand.

Blue Stripe

Blue Stripe

Swarm of Butterflies

Trollbeads: Swarm of Butterflies Bead, Silver - From chrysalis to gorgeous butterflies. Here they are dancing in a cluster in expectation of summer.

Black Gold Bead

Black Gold - "A band of gold floating freely in the dead of night.

Maurits Cornelis Escher

Trollbeads: Gekko Bead - Inspired by M. Escher’s work, a bead full of lizards. The silhouette of one lizard is also the silhouette of the next. One is black, another is white, some are kissing and some are leaving.

The Trollbeads Spring Collection is full of goodies! I love Sandstone; the colors are gorgeous, and the form reminds me of a peacock feather.    Another hit from their new designer. :)

Trollbeads: Sandstone Bead - Coming from the ground, sandstone has been used as building material from ancient times to present day. Many temples and cathedrals are built of sandstone.

Beige Moonstone Bead

Trollbeads Beige Moonstone Trollbeads will come perfectly packaged in either a Trollbeads pouch or box.