Cranberry Candles (omg!  Gross!  LOL)

The 11 Most Horrifying Recipes Ever Featured In Vintage Ads

Cranberry Mayonnaise Jello Salad Candles: Your Side Dish Should Not Double As Decor

20 Truly Horrifying Vintage Holiday Recipes  Meat Jello...two words that do not belong together

The Shrimp Christmas Tree

Welcome back to another week of food from behind the scenes of Astronauts Wives Club! This is Part II of Episode 9 (you can see Part I here), which was an episode so jam-packed with vintage food …

Pointed statement: Dare we admit that this 'banana candle' looks somewhat phallic?...

Retro culinary abominations that we're happy to leave in the past

Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes ~ This is supposed to be a banana candle but. that does not look like a candle to me.

I like how they added a little scoop of fat crumbs on the side. That really makes it.

Terrine of Garden Vegetable Jello-O Salad (Vegan Thanksgiving Funny)

Imagine the expressions on the faces of your unsuspecting dinner guests when they behold this on your buffet table.

I can see how this might be described as an "Entertaining Buffet". does that 'fish' have a mayo mustache?

O wow -- cabbage and baked beans!  That's a recipe for disaster in my house.  Don't light a match!

Jones made this cabbage/bean concoction for her family on Monday. On Thursday, they were still gassy.

A luscious shrimp tree.... is she arranging?  Or is she one of the sick fuckxs who feeds off the shrimp tree? Either way - I'm into it. #mustardsuit

A luscious shrimp tree. is she arranging? Or is she one of the sick fuckxs who feeds off the shrimp tree?

Gives new meaning to meat and cheese tray.

Don't bother with a gingerbread house this Christmas - Ollie would really prefer this Country Cottage Ribbon Loaf -especially the pepperoni roof!

Aah, the 1970s...when mom still had time to do things like wrap frankfurter slices around pineapple cores.

Frankfurter Spectacular (Weight Watchers Recipe Cards, A spectacularly awful thing to do to hot dogs.