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How the disease industry scams society every year

September is Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month - Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in immune system cells called lymphocytes. Like other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiplication. - See more at:

Find-a-Fountain locates free drinking water near you. It allows users to upload fountains to expand our watery network around the world.

Top 10 emerging technologies for 2013

“Where freshwater systems are over-used or exhausted, desalination from the sea offers near-unlimited water but at the expense of considerable use of energy — mostly from fossil fuels — to drive evaporation or reverse osmosis systems,” write the authors. The report cites forward osmosis or solar-thermal geothermal installations as potential emerging technologies that could lead to more efficient water purification.