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Mc Donalds hits Africa

Mcdonalds Hits Africa Photo: This Photo was uploaded by elishashoulders. Find other Mcdonalds Hits Africa pictures and photos or upload your own with Ph.

People these days...  #artist #art #smh #instagood #instagram

Image detail for -Funny cartoon: Love as defined by an honest little girl - The .


Dogs are the best kind of people! Check out these 25 funny dog memes that will ALWAYS make us laugh, no matter what.

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funny the cat in the hat was busy i am the lynx in your sink

40 Timeless Life Lessons Professor Chalk Board, Life Lessons, by Avaaz Team

This one is for you, Jessica :) Best "babysitter" ever!

Paying a babysitter to watch your two kids so you can have a night out can be really expensive. Finding a babysitter competent enough to .

Une petite compilation non-exhaustive des utilisations comiques de la mort dans la publicité.  #Compilation #Pub #Publicité #Marketing #LOL #Mort #Communication #Comique

[Dossier] L'utilisation comique de la mort dans la publicité.

Guess Who by Budi Satria Kwan - Canvas Print Artwork - Wall Art - Halloween / Samhain Decor - The Grim Reaper

Dogs think of others. Cats think of themselves

The difference between your dog and your cat. too funny and true