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Airway foreign bodies - Left: Inspiratory view of chest X-ray showing normal expansion. Right: Expiratory view of hyperinflated left lung due to obstructive foreign body in left mainstem bronchus. Child complaints from dyspnea.

Garland triad - a chest radiograph sign of sarcoidosis. It refers to a triad of lymph node enlargement; right paratracheal, right hilar and left hilar. This pattern of nodal enlargement, also known as the 1-2-3 sign, is not typical of lung caner or lymphoma which are other common causes of lymphadenopathy on chest xray. The above case also demonstrates lung parenchymal involvement with predominantly perihilar opacity simulating pulmonary oedema.

Breast within breast appearance - benign proliferation of breast tissue components (glandular and fatty) surrounded by a thin capsule of connective tissue - Breast Hamartoma/ fibroadenolipoma