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Modeled and Surfaced in the Advanced Modeling class in the Media Arts & Animation Department at The Art Institute of Dallas. Phillip Bailey https://www.linkedin.com/in/phillip-bailey-94b9075a

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NH 90 helicopter:n 1985 five European nations signed a memorandum of understanding covering a NATO helicopter for the 90s, or NH 90. The UK dropped out of the programme in 1987 in favor to the EH 101, leaving France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands in the project by means of NH Industries. This was established in France in 1992 to control a collaborative programme involving Eurocopter France (with NFT [Norway] as a risk-sharing partner from 1994), Agusta, Eurocopter Deutschland and…

I Just Want To Knit - This shirt is perfect for people who love to drink tea, knit and take naps. (Hobby Tshirts)

Nicholas has been learning about the muscles in his body. He’s learned about the tree types of muscles – smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. He is working on learning the names and locations of some of the major skeletal muscles in his body. How Do Muscles Work? We have read about how a muscle works through …

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