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NewFoundland puppie

Hershey Bear's mom says: Hershey Bear is a bronze Newfoundland who loves to pose for the camera. He was shipped from the USA and now lives with us in Toronto, Ontario. Hershey’s gentle disposition a

This is the breed of dog the holds the record for the most expensive dog ever sold! A whopping 1.5 million dollars for one dog!

My next bear! Tibetan Mastiff puppy - Cute puppy of Tibetan Mastiff dog being huge looking like a bear. Would like to hug this dog!

Oh how I love Newfies!   galerie_photo_newfoundland

Oh how I love Newfies! galerie_photo_newfoundland A dog that walks you or drags around never walking a Newfie again

Newfoundland he looks like a bear

14 Week Old Newfoundland puppy. I love newfies. Thought this was a bear at first!

*  Mom Says It's Easier to Have Me on a Leash  *

Newfoundland what's wrong with this picture? Isn't the dog supposed to be on the leash, not the kid

brown newfoundland puppy

Black Newfies are cool, Landseer News are adorable.but I'll take a brown one please - and his name shall be BentleyBear!