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Louis Tommo Tomlinson

Ohmy gosh Louis got a freaking chest tattoo! Can't see what it says though, any clues anyone? It's kinda really hot though. omg how you dare playing guitar Louis William Tomlinson omg

I don't even know why but I am so overly attracted to his upper arm/shoulder/collarbone/chest area. It's really becoming a problem.

I litterally can't breathe. People say Harry makes their heart skip a beat. But he makes mine stop all together

Angry lion (left pec & shoulder)

Lion Portrait Tattoo, Won award for Best Small Black and Grey at Titanic Ink Convention in Southampton, By Ian Hopkins of Ian Ink Tattoo, Southampton, England

Owl tattoos

I'm not a fan of throat or neck tattoos, but this is beautiful work! Tattoo by Dani Martos Sanchez

Now those are interesting.    http://www.howtogainmusclesinfo.com

40 Inspirational Creative Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Guy's bird tattoos basically symbolize freedom and the ability of a person to spread his wings and fly away, break away.

Mr Beckham, that is some exceptionally classy tattoo placement. Two arms, one ethereal on chest, and that is all. So nice.

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