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Vodeći domaći sistem integrator nemalo je iznenadio sudionike svoje godišnje konferencije u Šibeniku objavom o pokretanju internog inkubatora za startupe.

You have to BE ACTIVE. Ask people questions, seek help and then do it... Don't just expect everything to fall into place without you putting forth any effort. God expects us to walk, to seek, to go, to act, to do, to bear fruit....but before we can do any of that. .. we have to BELIEVE in our hearts and have faith even when we don't see much proof.

Never Push A Loyal Person To The Point Where They No Longer Care

People try to drag you down for doing something they could never do themselves, Don't let them! just keep going and NEVER look back.

Which "Law & Order: SVU" Character Should You Hook Up With?

how you make others feel says alot about you - Google Search

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