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My stbernard is exactilly like this he always lays in my bed I have a full bed but he still takes up the whole thing!

Sleepy frenchie

vanityfair: Photographer and loyal VF reader Huang’s adorable French Bulldog Gatsby really enjoyed our December issue!

So me! ALWAYS talking, half the time it's to myself!!

laughing dog :)) how adorable, beautiful dog, which is alot to say about a bull dog!

Hemingway & Hepburn

cute, cute, cute doggies house of turquoise: sarah crawford

Imperfection is Beautiful

Our dogs sleep in bed too. yep a yellow lab too. hair and all, usually on the pillow - just like this - ah, the things we do for love!

dead weak at school -___-

This is how I feel some days! Today is one of those days. Today is Monday!