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What you're looking at are neurons grown from a schizophrenic person. An incredible study, published today in Nature, reveals how scientists grew schizophrenic brain cells to understand the inner workings of this still-mysterious neurological disorder.

embryo #science

Embryo by tiny palpitation

Spinal cord.

The Human Body: a dissection

Cervical spinal cord By removing the rear arches of the neck (cervical) vertebra and the fibrous covering (dura) over the spinal cord one sees the cervical spinal cord and its nerves. The blood.

The brains nerve fibres traced by diffusion spectrum imaging, and coloured to represent their direction. lumosity

Social Neuroscience, SCARF Model and Change Management

Diatoms arranged and dyed under the microscope to create this photograph; created by Klaus Kemp, a micromanipulator. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Diatoms: Image of a Exhibition-Diatom' [in Darkfield, Phase Annulus Plan Objective]; an arrangement by master diatomist Klaus Kemp of the United Kingdom.

Neuron tree possibility - I like the electricity.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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unos cien mil millones (100 000 000 000) de neuronas, con unas tres mil (3 000) conexiones por célula, suponen cien millones (100 000 000) de sinapsis en nuestro cerebro

Desmontando a Lucy

The axons and dendrites of a cortical neuron.

The axons and dendrites of a cortical neuron (brain cell).

The human mind is one of the most advanced systems in the Universe. Many of us believe that the mind is part of the brain, but the mind is somewhat separate from the brain, because it is a system that is beyond physicality. However, at the energetic level, the mind, brain and body are interconnected. Brain Neuron

The human mind is one of the most advanced systems in the Universe.

reminds me of a tapestry... but better :)  cross-section of a flower ovary

Fractal symmetry, Cross section of a flower ovary, Photo by Ray Nelson.