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Macintosh Portable The first battery-powered Mac creation entered the arena in It was considered fast for its time, operating at 16 MHz. Though it was quick, the Portable sold poorly and weighed nearly 16 pounds.

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Powerbook.  The Powerbook came out a few years later, in 1991, and was Apple's first true portable computer, thanks to its lightness. The floppy disk drive was a separate, external entity. The line had staying power, continuing until 2006. (For #Sex&theCity buffs, #CarrieBradshaw penned most of her numerous columns on the Powerbook's G3 incarnation.)

The Mac Turns 30

With 7 pounds, we can not say that the first "Macintosh Portable was very portable. The Powerbook series, inaugurated by the Po .

BRAIN-MACHINE INTERFACE ISN'T SCI-FI ANYMORE:  This startup lets you control machines with your mind—no implants required.

The Brain-Machine Interface Isn't Sci-Fi Anymore

This startup has built a brain-machine interface that enables mind control of machines—no implants required.