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CASA Blogit - Oma Koti Valkoinen

CASA Blogit - Oma Koti Valkoinen

Moonshine & Wool

Silence calms my soul. Love peace and quiet and can only be around noise for so long.

Let's stay Home

24 Reasons You Should Stay In On Saturday Night

Yes.when you're happy, you like to stay at home.that's me.I love my home and the things I do there.simple things make me happy.I am blesses

No other way

You have to have been through it, in order to understand it. people have no right to say pull yourself together and grow. You needed to come for a ride in my life. Then you might understand what its like .to be treated and feel like trash

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94 most famous Leonardo da Vinci quotes and sayings. He was an Italian artist who passed away on 2 May.

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The 10 Best Quotes About Champagne

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Stephenson Family Ties

Inspirational Quote: Listen To Your Dreams They’re Smarter Than You Are - Clever Quote