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Doctor Who Season 9 Online Pl. The fragile peace between the Humans and the Zygons is on a knife edge. Tensions run high as factions within the Zygon community seek to incite violent action against Humans. Called in by .

"I'm a time traveler, I point and laugh at archeologists." -the 10th Doctor

"I'm a time traveler, I point and laugh at archeologists." I love that it is his wife who also happens to be an archeologist.

'Doctor Who' Season 9, Episode 11, 'Heaven Sent'

'Doctor Who' Recap S09E11, 'Heaven Sent': The Doctor Dies, Clara's Back And All Bets Are Off

It's only been a short while, but it feels like Clara has been gone forever. I guess in all honesty, though, it has been 2 billion years

poor ashildre. that ending sequence, her watching the world age around her, was poignant and heartbreaking

ksc Maisie is sooo good, her facial expressions through the progression of time to this! it says so much ☺♥♥

Doctor Oswald. But you can call me Clara.<< She did this to make the Doctor mad.

"So, what are you a doctor of?" "Of lies." Doctor Who. Twelve and Clara. This was my most favorite episode of season 8 because of the kawaii chibi TARDIS >w<

Doctor Who Steven Moffat


MOFFAT: Rory killer - I wonder how long this lasted on Wikipedia before someone "fixed" it.

Face The Raven - Review :: Whoniverso #doctorwho

Face The Raven - Review :: Whoniverso #doctorwho