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layering of colour+colourscheme

layering of colour+colourscheme

layers and scanned it/collage effect/more handmade like festival HOWEVER technology isn't handmade

Hand render & illustration type unifies the poster

Fashion Show  #GraphicRiver         The flyer is projected for Fashion, Photography, Concert, Festival, Party or weekly event in a music club

Fashion Show

Create a Music Festival Poster Design in Photoshop

Create a Music Festival Poster Design in Photoshop

Doorzomer 2012 by Patswerk, via Behance

Since we provide the designs for the annual Doorzomer Festival, a very nice festival with music, art and theater which takes place in Maassluis.

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Frank Sinatra (Mug Shot) Music Poster Print – Poster Print,

Corporate Design, ID, Logo, Poster, Print, Impakt Festival 2012, by Lava Graphic Design, Amsterdam, NL - @Lava

Poster, Print, Impakt Festival by Lava Graphic Design, Amsterdam, NL -

grafikr's inspiration (GRAFIK DESIGNER SANGHYUK MOON)

Here is the stage where many designers attempt to exaggerate so numerous distinct facets completely. Only due to the aforementioned reason, make certain to come


Owen Gildersleeve

thought this was something different from far away, but i still enjoy

Design Fodder (Unheard Film Festival posters by 178 Aardige.) in Film Festival