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21 Glamorous Look Makeup Ideas - Style Motivation

This post is for you who love dramatic makeup look - I have for you 21 dramatic colorful makeup tutorials.

“Rough and animalistic sex can be extremely arousing. - There’s just something extremely arousing about sex that gets a bit intense, hard and wild. That raw and animalistic kind of sex is simply a massive turn on! #naughty #quotes www.kinkyquotes.com

Rough and animalistic sex can be extremely arousing

You're too sexxxy. Temporary lip (and eye) tattoos! Last four to eight hours while you eat, drink and KISS with them on! Wild Side Destinations Loves Your Lips and Loves To Plan Your Travel! Violent Lips Lip Tattoos #alltravelersallowed

11 Weird Beauty Tools and How to Use Them

There's something about old photos of couples that make it seem so much more romantic than pictures taken now. Probably because we spend so much time trying to perfect a pose that we loose the natural touch of it all.

Crazyyyy girllll, don't you know that I love you? And I wouldn't dream of goin' nowhere Silly woman, come here, let me hold you Have I told you lately? I love you like crazy, girl

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I tilted my head and leaned forward, Wanting to. Wanting to let it happen. She parted her lips. We kissed. I felt myself inhaled Like a breath of fresh, cold air. I had turned To smoke.