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Super Junior! I can't get over how awkward Shindong looks haha! And Eunhyuk just... "paint me like one of your French girls." That is all.

Bahahahaha so awk and then Siwons like "I thought this was a normal picture!

Evil maknae wants to show another side...

Evil maknae wants to show another side....

Evil maknae wants to show another side of him. You are making him smell your swet Kyuhyun, we ain't stupid, we seeeee yooooooooooo

Always gonna be proud that I am an ELF because of these guys

True Love : Super Junior

The feels:( when I heard my double bias duo Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun talking about the accident, I cried. So glad SUJU are still together today and despite all of the drama, are still best friends.

It was all going well until.... haha Shindong love you | thank you, I'm not the only one. Love the song!

It was all going well until....

Super Junior - Mamacita It was all going well until. he said, 'shut your tongue' and I started laughing non-stop. this is sooo funny.

gooood XD

Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Zhou mi (Super junior macros) whats funny is that this is my bias group haha

How Leeteuk became leader lol. He did a great job of it though

haha this is the best thing ever Leetuek(tuekie) turned out to be my favorite he fit the role well