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“真蜘奶茶 ”

Im terrified of spiders i will never drink anything with ice in it or with a straw ever again!


Funny pictures about Giant hornets from Japan. Oh, and cool pics about Giant hornets from Japan. Also, Giant hornets from Japan.


I don't understand why is everyone so mad at spiders. They're such lovely creatures. I WANNA that winged spider!

The Humor Train

There's a snake In my boot! -- I got to yell that once! Cuz there really was a snake in my boot!


Nap Time

It’s Nap Time… I laughed wayyy too hard.I'm gonna be a terrible parent!

NOPE NOPE NOPEEEEEEEE.....what the hell do you mean by "I picked it up with a tissue"???? The sentence should have read "I then got a match and burned the house down!"  Hahahaha!

This just made my heart stop. I killed a big spider today and now I& terrified it& babies are everywhere!

Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

funny rage comics lol I stink at using a chopstick

funny rage comics lol I stink at using a chopstick - I didn't have a choice in London. It was learn how to use chopsticks or starve!

Shotgun solution ( a bit sledge hammer to crack a nut, but gun nuts prefer this solution, even though resultant water damage is considerable


i would definitely live with candles than try to deal with a spider that big. well actually if i saw a spider that big in the house i would use the candle to burn the house down


Hi ladies // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Thank goodness no one was showering at the time!!!!

Bathroom surprise…

Funny pictures about Bathroom surprise. Oh, and cool pics about Bathroom surprise. Also, Bathroom surprise.

The Weapon Has Been Neutralized By The Enemy #haha #funny<<We have a big pump-canister outside for spraying around windows/doors. They LOVE to make their webs in the handles. Reason #573 why spiders are evil and need to die.

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