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This is a new Skin texture for Aliens (inspired by the movie SPECIES), these replace the default skin textures from the Aliens.

hallowsims: “ Newsea Siren Forest - Comes in 18 colours - Smooth bone assignment. - Hat compatible. - All LOD’s. - Few transparency issues. - Custom Ambient Occlusion (Shadow Map) - HD mod compatible - Mesh credits to Newsea. Download Newsea Siren...

Sims 4 Hairs ~ Hallow Sims: Newsea`s Siren Forest Hair Retextured

Male Alien Suit in 6 Designs by Menaceman44 at Mod The Sims via Sims 4 Updates

alistu: “ Male Alien Suit in 6 Designs I made a new suit for male aliens aged teen to elder. It comes in 6 different colour combinations and they all have pulsing purple light strips. Aliens can spawn wearing it but regular Sims cannot. It is.

Bite Me Fangs For Humans & Aliens

Bite Me Fangs For Humans & Aliens

Wrinkles #5 (TS4)DOWNLOAD  Preview picture was done withHQ mod  - all genders  - teen to elder  - 8 colours, 2 variants (different height)  - Skindetail category  - custom thumbnail  - HQ mod compatible  Please respect my TOU  CC I Main blog

Mouth wrinkles for male and female sims (although I stronlgy prefer them on males) Found in TSR Category 'Sims 4 Male Skin Details'

WhiteGhost's [Set] - Space Warrior

~Type of clothing: Jumpsuit, heels and gloves. Found in TSR Category & 4 Female Clothing Sets&

14 Ultra-Pimped-Out "Sims" Houses You Wish You Could Actually Own | http://bzfd.it/WIwNfj

14 Ultra-Pimped-Out Sims You Wish You Could Actually Own. The last one is actually an option in Williow Creek to buy.