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Fire escapes pots & plants rack

Fire escapes pots & plants rack

Line: There is many lines going every which way. >B&W, open compositon<

The Best of Culture in New York

Black and White Photography- seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary

30 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography

The spiral staircases create a pattern and texture that is unique. The black and white aspect embelleshes on the pattern. The eye moves back and forth from the top to the bottom.

Fire Escape, Canal Street, New York City

Fire Escape Stairs, Canal Street Love the architecture in NY

Black on white. NYC.

I was drawn into this picture because of the contrast of the black and white buildings. Although they are the same building and are even connected the drastic change in color separates them

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Photography Architecture - Adore the shadow that this spiral fire escape casts onto the bright red wall.

This is a staircase featuring a combination of steel and wood. The steps are made of wood while the structure and guardrails are made of steel. The combination of material is interesting and the contrast is strong and beautiful. The two materials have different textures and colors but create a nice balance.

10 Steel staircase designs: sleek, durable and strong

Black Stairs, White Stairs ..... Soho, New York City

SoHo exhibits the greatest concentration of cast iron architecture in the world. Before it was called Soho, it was called the ‘Cast Iron District.’ New York

忘掉所有那些“不可能” ”。 Forget all the reason why it won’t work and believe the one…

Fireworks are reactions that happen in the sky. The comparison is fireworks and the person the song is about are both special, unique, and beautiful, but if mis treated both can hurt you. A firework can explode, and so can a person's emotions.