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Island Survival CYOA

>island survival >i havent seen it before holy cyoa Choose your

The Wicked Waifu CYOA

The Wicked Waifu CYOA. >Choose Dryad >"Everything made of wood obeys her" >Lose control of your dick The Wicked Waifu CYOA

The Other, The Lizardfolk, and The Cannibal Tribe - Titan Hermit Crabs and Vomit Wasps - Wyverns and Dire Wolves (raptors would be cool but also, i would die) - Great Doggo and Orphaned Cannibal - All the cryptic companions I can get - Satellite Station -

Island Survival CYOA Oh man this is ripe with story possibilities.

Slayers CYOA

Dude, people can't handle this many CYOA at once.

Monster CYOA

Type: Avian Str: Moderate Def: Low Speed: Final Boss Taking increased Speed, Projectiles, Multiple Limbs (to have both arms and wings) and Poison as Monster for monster CYOA evil organisatio manga art

Animal Spirit CYOA

Yeah I know I misspelled a lot in this one. It was 3 am and my eyes hurt. Yeah I know I misspelled a lot in this one. It was 3 am and my eye CYOA cyoa

Fantasy Army cyoa

Hitler Justice Tactician, Charisma,Daring- Best qualities of a leader 5 Troops of humans- Keep it pure Loyalty, Blood Bond, Finest Steel and Lesser Magic- s CYOA