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My mother about 7 years old. She reminds me of Shirley Temple. She was born during the early years of the Great Depression and she and her family went through some very difficult times.

Fossil fruit from 52 million years ago revealed

A fossilised fruit dating back 52 million years has been discovered in South America. The ancient berry belongs to a family of plants that includes popular foods such as potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. The plant family's early history is largely unknown as, until now, only a few seeds have been found in the fossil record. Scientists say the origins of the class go back much further than previously thought, by tens of millions of years.

Genetic evidence of one aspect if the creation story is compelling. See also: research by physicist Lambert Dolphin. NYTmtDNA_Migrations Map

This image depicts the diffusion of language throughout time and how it has adapted into different subfamilies that have influenced different dialects of the Indo-European language tree. (4th)

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