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The dirt on dirt- why playing in the mud is good for kids!

The Dirt on Dirt: How Getting Dirty Keeps Kids Healthy

In addition to the physical health benefits, dirt and mud play simply makes a person happier. Many studies indicate that playing outdoors and getting messy decreases stress and anxiety in children.

let the children play: just add sand

Love the idea of creating a natural "sand box". Let the children play: just add sand for really natural DIY sand box. I would just use a tarp to cover this play spaces when not in use to keep the cats out. Just add cinnamon to keep the ants out.

Back hill slide

Playground design goes on a nature hike

Natural Playgrounds Company built a slide into a constructed hill at an elementary school as shown here in Glens Falls, N. The embankment slide is safer than tower slides with ladders. Scattered boulders, random dirt steps, rough terrain and varied plan

Мои закладки

A playground has ever been regarded as a location where children, by playing, learn how to turn into non-playing adults. Designing it should be fun! At length, playgrounds have to be responsive to every child.

Example of combined water and sand play area. Love the big rocks instead of gravel.

Awesome outdoor play space for kids incorporating sand, rocks, tree stumps and water play.

Magic weaving

Wilderness festival children's area branches decoration by Shiny Thoughts. / I see a lot of non wilderness stuff here, but it's fanciful and fun and the little darlings would love it.