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Koalas are marsupials and solitary creatures, spending most of their days comfortably lounging in trees. They usually spend between 18 and 22 hours, or about 75 percent of the day, sleeping. The extended naps help koalas conserve energy, which they need t

Going to see this little guy in July!

This is a baby koala This baby koala is sleeping. This baby koala is sleeping and cuter than you. Some things are just facts.

Koala beertjes they're not bears they're marsupials of te wel buideldieren

A Seven-Month-Old Female Baby Koala, Bear holds onto a Toy Koala Bear as she is weighed at Duisburg Zoo, Germany

Ain't love grand.

40 Amazing Pictures of Animals Kissing Each Other - Page 2 of 3 - Tail and Fur

A simply adorable Koala bear!

Sleeping Koala - they must all have 'Sweet Dreams' because they always smile when asleep

Australia. Why is everyone there so nice? Is it from something in the water, or what?

My Theory about Australian Actors

Are koalas bears? Koala looks like a teddy bear but it is not related to bears at all, and is not as friendly as it appears.

Amazing wildlife - Koala and baby photo #koalas at the Taronga Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Aussie Walkthrough exhibit is flourishing with another joey emerging from the pouch. Keepers have been observing Koala mother Lilli Pilli and her joey starting to come down from the treetops to the platform more often for.

Koalas at the San Diego Zoo

Thackery, a Queensland Koala, sits on top of his mother Orana at the San Diego Zoo. The joey was born at the zoo's Koala Colony last year, which is currently being renovated. The zoo has created a temporary home for three koalas and two joeys.