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Group of brothers that bring the Kingdom Good News to Corcoran SATF Prison in central California. Brother on lower right started in 2003. Myself 2nd from right standing since 2007. In that time almost 50 baptized. The others have been coming from 6 months to 7 years. Very rewarding work. Such a privilege to see how Gods word really transforms lives. Photo shared by @unklmike790

Hello. During winter holidays the streets of Bratislava are full of foreigners. That is an excellent time for english congregation to step in and share the good news in peoples own language. Each of us is equipped with a tract in different language. This kind of service brings great rewards. Thanks for posting brothers. On the photo: @luksharas @matejkovo @penny0m @iootnik

Having the chance to visit the Italian group in Puerto Vallarta Mexico has been a real privilege. These zealous brothers have all learned Italian from scratch just to preach to the tourists or the ones who moved there to work in the catering field. Being there with brothers for whom it may be hard to ever travel to Italy because of their economic situation surely made all of us realize once more how big and privileged brotherhood we belong to waiting for the time soon to come when tongues…

Shared by @michelbianco The construction of the assembly hall of Cameri (Italy) is almost finished. We all say: Thanks Jehovah for this experience and for the privilege to build a place of worship. Greetings to all brothers and sisters!

Special Metropolitan Public Witnessing at the Navy Pier in Chicago Illinois USA. There is nothing that produces greater joy than serving Jehovah God. Photo shared by @anafabian88

Jett rocked it last night first time handling the mics in Chicago Illinois USA!!! Were so proud of him. And to boot his Dad was handling mics too. Photo shared by @spyider