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these 3-d sidewalk drawings that are popping up everywhere (still haven't seen one in person though) seem a bit much, but i like this one because of its simplicity and the abbey road reference

3-D Hand Drawing

Technically, this is the right idea. However, it is simplistic, the lines are poorly crafted (inconsistant, haphazard) and the design's composition is pretty thoughtless. Also, I have seen this a thousand times.

Stunning 3D Illusions Street Art

Amazing! Street Art--there is an alligator at the bottom of the picture, see it?

Clever 3D Notebook Art from a 15-Year-Old Artist

I would like this for my to-do list notebook. Would be nice to have my personal minion to cheer me on as go though out my day.

3-D portraits made from everyday items.... Straws take YEARS AND YEARS to degrade in landfills. Students can recycle them for this project.