I'm Shawn Spencer and this is my partner Radio Star.  I'm afraid your video will kill him.

psych (psych,james roday,dule hill) video killed the radio star! Hahaha Shawn's references in jokes.

Woody and his body bags

Psych Quotes Evryday on

Sam Claflin

Sam was phenomenal!>>> I admit, I was one of those people who thought that it was the wrong pick. Then I saw the movie. And was proven wrong.

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Shawn and Gus tie Woody up so he doesnt reveal his secret in Office Space.

You Want Me to Poke You in the Eyes on the Roof?!?

You Want Me to Poke You in the Eyes on the Roof?

"Oh, and a daughter" ~ Woody Strode

"Oh, and a daughter" ~ Woody Strode.xDDD oh my gosh woody you are awesome lolol

Psych: The Complete Fourth Season

"Shawn" aka: James Roday with a fake gun! then their's "Gus" aka: Dule Hill with a real one! Wonder how this will end!