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- arsenicinshell:   Mean Little Skull

- arsenicinshell: Mean Little Skull

(150 year old Victorian era prosthetic hand.) It similarly looks like the Beldam's hand from the movie "Coraline".

A steel and brass hand. Credit: Science Museum, Brought to Life exhibit Prosthetic arm with fork attachment. Credit: Science Museum, Brought to Life exhibit This steel and brass arm dates back to between 1840 and

Steampunk Watches

A steampunk bracer, made of brass and leather, decked in gears, with a functional compass. This one is made by dracula clothing.


Steampunk The Alchemist Leather Bracer

alchemist bracer - I might be tempted to fill a bottle or two with useful things, like needles and fishing line, for quick con outfit repairs. Or to put pencils in place and wear it to school

Steampunk Hat

Perfect style Steampunk Hat could easily DIY with some Steampunk Goggles and Steampunk Gears (parts) .

mouse and cat #provestra

Mitchell Grafton is a full time ceramic artist out of Panama City, Florida. Via Grafton Pottery and found originally and tracked back through Blackslava‘s LiveJournal.

Work gloves? LARP gloves!

Steampunk Sky Pirate Gloves by *kyphoscoliosis on deviantART (Easy DIY using Dollar Store gardening gloves.) I've decided all gloves go on the jewelry board.


It may be Steam Punk which is cool and all but its a Furby so Kill it with Fire