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So freaking true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Otaku Rule YES! Does this mean I'm an Otaku? I learned Japanese just by watching Anime.


I really want to be in a relationship. but i'm too weird. soooooo YAOI IT IS! HUEHEHEHEHE<<If I fall in love with someone they'd better like yaoi cuz otherwise that bitch and I ain't workin out.

*clears throat* America doesn't deserve such, grace and beautiful. Obviously Britons top model.

Black Butler ~~ Work it, Grell! The camera loves you! But it would actually be London's next top model because that's where the story takes place

Omg lol did not expect this XD

And there is a reason we stay quiet, as its mostly. Not socially accepable to blurt out that you like watching animated guys *bleeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeep* (<many words here) each other xD rip

#fujoshi funny || That's ME in the future!!! I'm so going to be a partner in crime with the other's mother. We'll unite so Levi and Eren will be together!!! OTP SHIPPING

this is why no one wants to have kids with weebs << We have to stop this at all costs


Carlos Herrera - Google+

Also reposting because the face Makoto is making here is adorable also cuz I LOVE ANIME