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Interviewer: "So did Benedict get you in the Hobbit? Or did you get him in?" Martin's response above. - I love how Martin says that Benedict is *also* brilliant, haha. Modest much, Martin? Although he is quite accurate; they are both brilliant!

"So did Benedict get you in the Hobbit? Or did you get him in? Come on people, have some respect! This man got in on pure talent. That and the fact that he looks like a Hobbit.

They've talked about it?!? You mean its a legitimate possibility?!? Ohhhh myyy gosh

They've talked about it? Ohhhh myyy gosh <== even martin freeman ships johnlock ") AWWW YEAAA

Martin Freeman and his sass. So much sass.

Sass master<--- I have a friend who I have seen do this exact expression.o<<this is the best gif

Martin Freeman (this made me laugh at laud so i had to pin it)( I apologize for the colorful language)

thescienceofjohnlock: “ notmydate: “ Martin Freeman discusses Smaug the dragon. ” me thinks he doth protest too much ”

Oh how I love Martin Freeman!

Martin Freeman<<<< what a cutie. but is it acceptable to make a gay joke out of the first question?<<< I was thinking the same thing!

[The Benedict we know, he doesn't exist] I can't stop laughing oh my god

Simon Pegg on Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview for Star Trek."So the Benedict that all the girls love and stuff, is a myth." But sorry, that's not true. I love him more, now.

He has the best interviews.

Another Reason to love Martin Freeman Most people don't even get the most ironic part of his answer, he's talking to a German reporter.