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Unfinished, but already awesome make-up for the horror/comedy film UGLY SWEATER PARTY.

Old Friends! Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry Reunite On Cougar Town Set

Former Friends costars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reunite on the set of Cox's ABC series Cougar Town.

Anton Diffring (20 October 1918 – 20 May 1989) was a German character actor known for his portrayal of German officers and aristocrats in many film and TV appearances. c. 1959

On the set of "Child of the 70s" with icons Judy Tenuta and Randy Jones (the original cowboy from the "Village People")!

HORDE BUSTERS: Gregory Blair voices Chesmere-- the nerdy, bespectacled wizard emergent on the right.

Fantastic screen shot for SERENA WAITS. I'm one of the shadows. Echoes of "Suspiria"!