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We are a nation of immigrants, and before the pilgrims came, the Native Americans were already here. Also, Mexicans were living in America (Arizona, Texas, California...) before Americans came and forced them down to where they are today.

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.

THIS MAKES LAUGH EVERY TIME I SEE IT. I like to look at it every morning before going to work. REALLY sets the tone for my whole day!!!!

Links from around the web: John Cusack: 'Obama Is Just Another Ivy League Asshole' Heir T.

Donald Trump avoided Vietnam with a medical deferment for "bone spurs in his heels." Yet, he was active in college sports, playing baseball, tennis and squash. Typical Republican: He'll send YOUR kids to war, but HE gets a free pass! VOTE FOR BERNIE!


The best memes about the Russian hacking scandal, Trump's Cabinet of deplorables, and more.

Sounds about right.

North Korea wants to destroy America! Obama's laughing response "Too late!

And yet...I don't see a single Right-Wing patriot who cares so deeply about our budget deficits speaking up.

The new "Trump Welfare Program" - intergenerational misuse and long standing abuse.tried, true and tested by the Trump Family.