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twas the night before christmas and, well, ok a mouse is stirring. gemma correll and her merry band of misfits. christmas food and animal joke pun.

This is exactly how it goes @Susan Caron Caron Caron Bullard-Buchanan

Math in a nutshell…

i wish my high school math was this easy. And middle school math. Honestly it's more like from middle school to college it's all the same

This kid is going places. And I'm impressed that a five-year-old has such a good grasp of fractions.

Half a hotdog…

Funny pictures about Half a hotdog. Oh, and cool pics about Half a hotdog. Also, Half a hotdog.

You can't fool me Matt.

You can't fool me Matt.

This is my blonde moment!

I had a flashback and commented on a young girl's flip-flops, but called them thongs (just as we used to do back in the and Wow, I created quite a giggle fest! In Australia we call flip flops "thongs"

Shark attacks, cow attacks...

I've swam in the ocean and never been attacked by a shark, however, I was walking in a field and was chased by a cow (there was no calf around either). Gee, thought sharks were aggressive and cows were docile.


Girlfriends being girlfriends…

Funny pictures about Girlfriends being girlfriends. Oh, and cool pics about Girlfriends being girlfriends. Also, Girlfriends being girlfriends.